$50k Bond Granted To The Father Accused Of Killing 5-year-old Justin Turner

$50k Bond Granted To The Father Accused Of Killing 5-year-old Justin Turner

MONCKS CORNER: In a case defense attorneys argue lacks sufficient evidence to condemn the pair, both adults charged with murder in the 1989 strangulation death of their 5-year-old son, Justin Turner, have been granted bond.

Victor Lee Turner, 78, was granted a $50,000 surety bail by Circuit Judge Roger Young on February 8. This was the same day that Turner’s wife, Megan Turner, received the same bond in Berkeley County General Sessions Court.

Defense lawyer Joseph Cole Good told The Post and Courier, “We were very pleased with the bond hearing.” “The Turner family and support network are pulling together to get them out of jail, especially so Victor can get the medical care he needs.”

According to bond petitions filed by Good and Megan Turner’s defense attorney, Shaun Kent, Turner was taken out of hospice care on January 9 after receiving a fatal diagnosis of lung and heart problems.

Good wrote an emergency bond request on January 16 because Turner, although in the county jail, has only been receiving muscle relaxants, Tylenol, and supplementary oxygen, and needs daily prescriptions and supplemental oxygen. The bond motion said that due to his ill condition, there is no reason to fear that he would flee or pose a threat to the community.

The day before Victor Turner appeared before the judge, Kent represented Turner’s wife, which, according to Good, strengthened the argument for the dying man’s bond to be granted because he had no criminal history. The couple was taken into custody at their Cross Hill residence by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

They are accused of killing Victor’s kid and Megan’s stepson on March 3, 1989.

Megan was already arrested in connection with the child’s killing. She formally changed her name from Pamela following the murder. However, back in the 1990s, the prosecutor dismissed the case because there was insufficient evidence to support the charge. Defense lawyers contend that the evidence is now complete.

Welder Victor said he was at work on the day Justin was slain. Before this month, he had never been charged in the case.

According to the arrest papers, investigators were able to identify fibers from Justin’s clothing that originated from a dog leash, the suspected murder weapon, thanks to new forensic analysis that was not employed until 2023. According to Sheriff Duane Lewis, the probable cause for the arrests was this new knowledge combined with the results of the autopsy, the crime scene investigation, supporting evidence, relevant information from witnesses, and incriminating remarks made by the Turners.

However, the state has not only failed to find fresh evidence, according to a 94-page move to dismiss that Kent filed ahead of Megan Turner’s bond hearing, but the decades-long delay has put the defense in an untenable position. Nearly 20 witnesses have passed away or are no longer able to testify due to medical reasons, thus the defense lawyers for the Turners are unable to request their own testing of the material, according to Kent.

Nevertheless, Good insisted that his defense of Turner is “excellent” and expressed his desire to dispel the murderous accusations.

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