D’Onofrio to fill vacant Commissioner’s seat


LOGAN—Jason D’Onofrio will succeed the recently deceased Gary Waugh, a commissioner for Hocking County. He cannot, however, assume the position until the Secretary of State gives his commission, which might happen as soon as next week.

There were five contenders for the job, and each had five minutes to explain their reasons for wanting to be the next Hocking County Commissioner in front of the Republican Central Committee. Each gave a brief introduction, discussed their backgrounds, and said why they thought they would be the most qualified candidates for the Hocking County Commissioner post. Former Commissioners Jeff Dickerson, Clark Sheets, D’Onofrio, Teresa Salizzoni, and Drew Davidson were among those vying for the job.

After that, the Central Committee met in executive session to have one-on-one conversations with each candidate. Following their adjournment from executive session, Will Kernen moved to propose each of the five candidates, and a roll call was then held. Thirteen votes went to D’Onofrio, and only one to Salizzoni.

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