Kemp Believes That Before The Election, The Trump Trials Will Be “Ruled On”

Kemp Believes That Before The Election, The Trump Trials Will Be Ruled On

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) of Georgia forecast on Tuesday that the outcome of former president Trump’s multiple legal challenges might be known prior to November’s election.

On CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins,” Kemp was asked if he thought that Trump’s issues “should go to trial before the elections” so that the public could decide how his cases would be resolved.

He said to Collins, “Well, listen, I think most voters probably feel the same way I do.” We actually have a responsibility as elected officials to serve as living examples of the laws and the Constitution that founded our nation. So, we’ll watch how the procedure turns out. They will likely be decided upon before to the election.

As he campaigns for a third presidential election, Trump is dealing with four different criminal issues. In the federal 2020 election meddling case, he has argued that he should be granted presidential immunity; but, earlier this month, the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals denied his request.

As a former executive, the former president is not exempt from criminal prosecution, according to a three-judge panel’s decision. Since then, as he appeals the panel’s decision, he has pleaded with the Supreme Court to postpone the federal election interference case, in which he is accused of four crimes related to purported attempts to rig the election.

“Listen, I believe that no one is above the law—Democrats, Republicans, independents, me, or anyone else. Kemp responded to Collins, “So that’s my personal opinion,” when he was asked about Trump’s claims of immunity.

Trump is also charged with thirteen counts in a different case involving 2020 election meddling in Fulton County, Georgia. These counts include making false claims, impersonating a public official, conspiracy, and racketeering.

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