More Marijuana Being Smoked in This California City Than Any Other Place in the State

More Marijuana Being Smoked in This California City Than Any Other Place in the State

California, well known for its progressive views on cannabis, made history in 1996 when it approved marijuana for medical use and in 2016 when it legalized it for recreational use. Despite the state’s love of cannabis, there’s still a pressing question: Which Golden State city consumes the most marijuana? The unexpected response is seen here.

Los Angeles: California’s Cannabis Epicenter

According to a thorough analysis carried out by Seedo, a business that specializes in equipment for home cultivators, cannabis consumption is highest in Los Angeles, not just in California, but also internationally. According to the survey, Los Angeles residents consumed about 36.06 metric tons of cannabis in 2017.

This computation considered the average cost per gram as well as the quantity of cannabis consumers in every city. Interestingly, despite cannabis being outlawed in Australia, Sydney, Australia, ranked second in terms of usage, while this number exceeds that amount.

Cannabis culture has a long history in Los Angeles, dating back to the 1960s when hippies, artists, and celebrities adopted the plant as a symbol of creativity and freedom. The city is home to well-known dispensaries like Cookies, MedMen, and the Farmacy. It also provides a wide variety of cannabis goods, ranging from edibles and flowers to topicals and concentrates.

In addition, Los Angeles is home to well-known cannabis events that attract people from all over the world, including the Cannabis Cup, the Emerald Exchange, and the High Times Business Summit.

Untangling LA’s Addiction to Weed

Los Angeles has become the world’s leading cannabis user due to a variety of causes. The large and varied population of the city is one important factor. With more than four million inhabitants, Los Angeles is the second-biggest metropolis in the US and among the world’s most ethnically and culturally diverse locations, with people speaking more than 200 languages in over 140 different nations.

This variety drives a significant demand for cannabis in a number of markets, including those serving the medical community, tourists, celebrities, and recreational users. The temperature and geology of LA have a major role in the city’s passion for cannabis.

With its Mediterranean climate and constant warm, sunny weather, Los Angeles offers the perfect environment for leisurely outdoor pursuits. Nestled between breathtaking natural landscapes like as the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica Mountains, Mojave Desert, and Angeles National Forest, the city presents picturesque settings for indulging in cannabis consumption while engaging in outdoor pursuits like hiking, surfing, camping, or picnics.

Getting Around LA’s Cannabis Scene

As the global and Californian cannabis capital, Los Angeles is in a position to influence the direction of the sector. The city offers many prospects in spite of obstacles like controlling the black market, maintaining social fairness, and putting public health and safety first.

These include producing tax income, creating jobs, and encouraging research and innovation, setting LA up to possibly lead the world in the cannabis industry.

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In Summary

According to a Seedo survey, Los Angeles is the world’s most popular city for cannabis consumption, not just in California. With an annual consumption of about 36.06 metric tons, the city uses more energy than any other metropolis on the planet.

Los Angeles is a major player in the cannabis business because of its long-standing cannabis culture, large and diverse population, and ideal climate and location. As cannabis usage and regulation continue to evolve, Los Angeles is well-positioned to serve as a model for other cities and nations across the globe as it navigates these issues and takes advantage of these potential.

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