One of the most beautiful locations in the United States is New Jersey Town

One of the most beautiful locations in the United States is New Jersey Town

Even though the state of New Jersey might not immediately spring to mind when discussing beauty, one of its villages has been named among the most picturesque in the nation. Travel + Leisure magazine named Cape May, a quaint beach resort town at the southernmost point of the state, one of the “10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America.”

The Past and the Buildings

With a history stretching back to the 18th century, Cape May is the nation’s oldest coastal resort. Thanks to its Victorian architecture, the town is well known for having a quaint and old ambiance. With more than 600 intact Victorian structures—many of which are now hotels, bed & breakfasts, or museums—Cape May is home to some noteworthy specimens, including the Congress Hall Hotel, the Emlen Physick Estate, and the Cape May Lighthouse.

Nature and Beaches

The stunning beaches of Cape May stretch over two miles of sandy shoreline and welcome hundreds of tourists each year. There are many of opportunities for swimming, surfing, fishing, and sunbathing. A variety of outdoor pursuits are also available in Cape May, such as biking, kayaking, bird viewing, and whale watching. Cape May Point State Park, which includes a migratory bird sanctuary and a coastal wetland habitat, is located in the municipality.

Cuisine and Culture

Beyond its abundance of natural beauty, Cape May is known for its rich cultural heritage and varied gastronomy. With theaters, galleries, festivals, and other events held all year long, the town has a thriving arts and entertainment scene. The Cape May Jazz Festival, Cape May Music Festival, and Cape May Film Festival are among the highlights. In addition, Cape May is well-known for its varied and mouthwatering culinary offerings, which include foreign cuisine, fresh fish, and locally grown vegetables. Specialties worth mentioning are saltwater taffy, crab cakes, and lobster rolls.

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In summary

Whether one is interested in history, the environment, culture, or food, Cape May has plenty to offer everyone. It is truly deserving that Travel + Leisure magazine named it one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Explore Cape May and take in its alluring beauty if you’re planning a trip to New Jersey.

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