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There's An Abandoned Town In Colorado That Most People Are Unaware Of

Colorado is well known for its varied cultures, rich history, and beautiful scenery. But the state is also full of undiscovered treasures. One such jewel is Ashcroft, an abandoned town that was a thriving mining village in the late 1800s.

Ashcroft’s Ascent and Decline

Ashcroft grew quickly after being founded in 1880 by prospectors looking for silver in the Castle Creek Valley, about 11 miles from Aspen. With more than two newspapers, a school, a hotel, a sawmill, twenty saloons, and more than 2,000 citizens, the town was even suggested as the state capital.

Sadly, Ashcroft’s success was short-lived. It turned out that the silver ore was poor grade and difficult to extract. Transportation issues, isolation, and harsh winters all played a part in the town’s demise. The bulk of miners left Ashcroft in 1885 in search of better possibilities elsewhere, leaving the town almost abandoned with only a few residents.

Ashcroft’s Conservation and Allure

Ashcroft, however, was not forgotten completely. It briefly saw a resurgence as a vacation spot and ski resort in the 1930s. New structures were erected, while some old ones were renovated. The resort shuttered after a few years due to insufficient guest traffic, despite these efforts.

Ashcroft was added on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a National Historic Site in the 1970s. The town’s management and preservation fell to the Aspen Historical Society. Through guided tours, interpretative signage, and exhibitions, tourists may now delve into Ashcroft’s ruins and learn about its past.

Ashcroft is a very interesting location that offers a glimpse into Colorado’s history. Encircled by the magnificent Rocky Mountains, it provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor pursuits like riding, hiking, camping, and observing animals. Ashcroft is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for a hidden gem in Colorado.

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