Texas City’s Guaranteed Income Program: Lowering “Housing Insecurity”

Texas City's Guaranteed Income Program Lowering Housing Insecurity

As to the finance report by FOX News, the Austin City Council used a novel approach to address housing issues in 2022. They implemented a guaranteed income program, funded in part by taxes, that provided additional funds to individuals. They gave $1,000 a month to each of the 85 people who were going to lose their houses, using $1.1 million in taxes and more than $500,000 in gifts. The first major Texas city to try it was Austin. The Urban Institute declared that the guaranteed income program was successful when it concluded in August 2023. The majority of people utilized the money to pay their rent, thus it made a significant impact. The study found that people continued to work and pursued education or family time in their leisure time. The study found that for many families, having more money improves their quality of life.

Legal Issues Exist

This is something that Houston also wants, although it’s unclear if it’s legal. Sen. Paul Bettencourt questioned the Texas Attorney General about whether granting this money violates the state constitution. This battle could have repercussions for Texas and the entire nation since it will determine whether or not other cities can provide additional financial assistance to residents.

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