The Majority Of People Are Unaware Of This Oklahoman Abandoned Location

Tucked away among the cityscape of Tulsa is the mysterious Abundant Life Building, a building full of mystery and intrigue. Even with its obvious presence in the metropolitan skyline, many people are still unaware of its history and undiscovered legends. Come along on a journey as we uncover the untold story of the Abundant Life Building, illuminating both the past and present of Tulsa.

Opening the Building of Abundant Life

Oral Roberts, the well-known televangelist, was the driving force behind the 1957 construction of the 12-story Abundant Life Building. Constructed by the renowned architect Frank Wallace, whose resume encompasses recognizable structures such as the United Nations Headquarters and the Empire State Building, this structure was meant to function as the hub of Roberts’ ministry. Apart from its religious function, the structure was supposed to house a radio station, bank, restaurant, and hotel.

But what really distinguishes this building is Roberts’ unusual decision to remove all of the windows. He believed that windows would deceive and mislead his adherents, thus he saw a windowless design as evidence of his steadfast faith and compliance with divine guidance. Locals dubbed it “the bunker,” which came to represent Roberts’ sense of isolation and unease.

The Story Unfolding

The Abundant Life Building never reached its full potential, despite its audacious beginnings. In the decades that followed, Roberts ran into financial and legal difficulties, which contributed to the loss in popularity of his ministry. He gave possession to a group of investors in 1979 with the intention of renovating it into an opulent hideaway. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed by financial difficulties, leaving the building empty and abandoned.

Ownership of the building changed hands over time, but its future was still unknown. It was the target of graffiti and conjecture due to vandalism and urban exploration, and stories of hauntings and secret passages only served to heighten its eerie aura. Its future is uncertain now that it is privately owned and protected from destruction by surveillance; it is protected from demolition by its designation as a historic landmark.

A Reflection of Tulsa’s Tapestry

The Abundant Life Building, with its triumphs and tribulations embodied, represents Tulsa’s colorful tapestry beyond its concrete limits. The rise and fall of Oral Roberts is comparable to that of Tulsa, which was formerly referred to as the “Oil Capital of the World” but eventually fell victim to economic downturns. Nevertheless, in the face of hardship, Tulsans demonstrate their tenacity by banding together to protect and rewrite the history of their city.

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In summary

Resilience is exemplified by the Abundant Life Building, whose quiet hallways whisper stories of aspiration and hardship. Its fascination is unmistakable, whether it is seen as a remnant of a bygone period or as a blank canvas for urban exploration. Travel to Tulsa to discover the secrets of the Abundant Life Building, a wonderful example of a lost wonder deep in Oklahoma.

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