The Ohio Ag Says That Food Pantries Will Get An Extra $250,000 From The Family Dollar Settlement

The Ohio Ag Says That Food Pantries Will Get An Extra $250,000 From The Family Dollar Settlement

The deal between Ohio and Family Dollar will help Ohio food banks.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office said Tuesday that the $400,000 deal will give $250,000 to food banks across the state.

In 2022, News Center 7 said that Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost had sued Family Dollar for what he called “deceptive pricing.” It was found by auditors that the prices on the shelves did not match the prices that were rung up at the register.

Yost just recently reached a deal with Dollar General worth $1 million. In December, $750,000 was given to food pantries chosen by the auditors.

He said, “Our county auditors are very important for making sure that stores in Ohio have fair and honest prices.” “That’s why we’re working with the auditors to put settlement money back into our neighborhoods.”

In Ohio, Family Dollar has almost 500 shops.

As part of the deal with the state, Family Dollar also has to make changes to make sure prices are correct. These changes include:

Having enough employees in shops to keep the shelf tags correct.

If a customer finds a difference between the registered price and the shelf tag, the recorded price should be changed right away, and the shelf tag should be corrected within 24 hours.

Having shop managers and district managers do random price checks every month or every other month.

Stores that have had three “failed” audits in six months will have to go through a full-store review within seven days of the third failed audit. This will include double-checking the prices of every item.

teaching all of its workers about these rules and putting up signs in its Ohio stores to let customers know about them.

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