This Wyoming Hotel’s Haunted History Is Horrifying

The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Wyoming is Terrifying

Although Wyoming is well known for its breathtaking scenery, it also has a mysterious and sinister past. The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, which has been open since 1911, is one of the state’s most famous haunted places. The hotel has a long history of welcoming notable visitors, such as Harry Truman, Ernest Hemingway, and Theodore Roosevelt, but it has also accepted less desirable occupants, such as ghosts, spirits, and demons.

Rosie’s Ghostly Presence

One of the well-known ghosts who haunt the Plains Hotel is Rosie, a young lady whose life was tragically taken from her in room 444 by her husband. It’s rumored that Rosie and her partner picked the hotel for their honeymoon, but their happiness was fleeting. After learning of Rosie’s adultery, her husband shot her and then turned the gun on himself out of pure rage.

It’s rumored that Rosie’s ghost wanders the hotel hallways looking for her beloved. Visitors claim to have heard her footfall, seen her shadow or felt her icy touch. Some say she likes to play with the phones, TVs, and lights in their rooms; others have seen her ghostly form by the bed or by the window, dressed in a white dress and veil.

The Basement’s Malevolent Presence

A monster that lives in the Plains Hotel’s basement is another menacing presence. During Prohibition, the basement was a speakeasy. Later, it was a casino and nightclub where people could engage in illegal activities like prostitution, gambling, drinking, and even murder. According to believers, these transgressions have let loose a demonic entity that feeds on negative energy and opened a portal to hell.

It is said that the demon is violent and hostile, pursuing anyone who dares to enter its domain. Workers have reported unpleasant smells, unexpected decreases in temperature, and an overpowering feeling of fear coming from the basement, in addition to hearing growls, cries, or laughs. Some have reported feeling scratched, bit, or punched by the demon, or they have seen its crimson eyes, horns, or claws. Some even describe experiences when they were possessed and behaved violently or strangely.

Tours with a Guide Through Haunted History

Those who are brave enough to explore the Plains Hotel may choose to take one of the staff-led haunted history tours. These excursions take visitors to some of the hotel’s most haunted spots, such as the ballroom, the basement, and room 444, and tell the legends and stories connected to each. In an effort to gather proof of the paranormal, participants can also use ghost hunting tools including thermal cameras, EVP recorders, and EMF meters.

The haunted history excursions cost $25 per person and run every night from 8 to 10 p.m. Reservations may be made at the front desk, over the phone, or online. A word of warning, though: these trips are not for the timid, and you might have unplanned meetings with people from beyond the grave. Ready to face the terrifying stories of the Plains Hotel?

In Summary

The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming, known for its scenic beauty, hides a haunted past. Open since 1911, the hotel has hosted famous figures like Harry Truman and Ernest Hemingway, but it is also home to ghosts, spirits, and a malevolent demon. One well-known ghost is Rosie, a bride allegedly murdered by her husband in room 444. Visitors report encountering her ghostly presence, describing eerie phenomena. The hotel’s basement harbors a demon from its Prohibition-era past, reportedly causing fear and harm to those who enter. Brave souls can join guided haunted history tours for $25 per person, equipped with ghost hunting tools, to explore the chilling tales of the Plains Hotel’s paranormal activity.

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