Voters Are Unsure About Many Important North Carolina Elections, According To A New Poll

Voters Are Unsure About Many Important North Carolina Elections, According To A New Poll

WNCN — RALEIGH, N.C. In ten days, on February 15, North Carolina will launch one-stop early voting.

You might assume that most individuals know who they’re going to vote for. Not so quickly, though. Voters undecided about the Democratic ticket for governor of North Carolina, according to a Meredith College poll.

Current Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is leading the Republican field for governor with 34% of the vote; the other candidates are in the single digits. What’s most intriguing, though, is the greatest percentage: 42% of voters surveyed still don’t know.

“Seeing so many undecided voters this late in the election cycle is a little startling. David McLennan, director of the Meredith College survey, said, “We’ve seen Bill Graham advertise and be more present, as well as Dale Folwell, but it doesn’t seem to be changing the numbers.”

People remain largely disinterested, according to McLennan, even with the primary being so close.

“I simply don’t believe that North Carolinians are currently considering local and state elections.” Which is unfortunate because we need to make some significant decisions. However, he stated, “I just believe that the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial races are currently up in the air.”

Josh Stein, the incumbent attorney general, leads by 4% if he and survey leaders Robinson and Stein wind up on the ballot in the fall. This is intriguing since Mark Robinson has been following former President Trump exactly, and in North Carolina, Trump leads President Biden by a margin of five points.

People try to be Trump, but they’re not, according to McLennan. Therefore, Robinson’s base of support in North Carolina is far less than Trump’s. I wouldn’t be shocked if North Carolina had a split ticket this year; we’ve seen it in the previous two election cycles, with Trump winning the state and Cooper winning the state.

Throughout his seven years in office, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s numbers have stayed consistent, despite the divisions in the state and the nation. The percentage of people who strongly agree or approve of Cooper is 54%.

Republicans like Cooper are included in this; it’s not just Democrats and independents. Republicans’ opinions on Governor Cooper tend to be fairly strong. According to McLennan, Cooper often avoided the really contentious topics that presidential candidates cannot.

From January 26 to January 31, 760 registered voters were sampled for the Meredith Poll. There is a +/-35% margin of error.

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