2024 EITC Refund Schedule: Paper Check & Direct Deposit Dates!

2024 EITC Refund Schedule Paper Check & Direct Deposit Dates!

Schedule for Delivery of the 2024 EITC Refund

The deadline for refunds for individuals who electronically submitted their taxes and got the EITC is February 27, 2024. NBC reports that the IRS typically processes refunds in four weeks. Refunds for EITC filers who were guaranteed to receive them by February 27, 2024, should be sent by then. Paper checks may take up to two weeks to arrive, but direct deposits arrive four to six days following the refund. You could get a paper check on March 10 and a direct transfer on March 2 or 3 if your refund is processed by February 27, 2024.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using “Where’s My Refund” on IRS.gov to Check the Status of Your 2024 EITC Refund

Visit the IRS website and follow these easy steps to check the status of your EITC refund. You can only access the official IRS website at irs.gov. Look under Tools and Applications for “Where’s My Refund.” To view the next page, click it. Input your tax year, amount of refund, filing status, and social security number. You will find out whether your 2024 EITC refund was approved after providing this information, as well as when to expect it in the form of a paper check or direct transfer.

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