In A Nationwide Plot To Defraud Ppp Of $220k, Over A Dozen People Are Accused

In A Nationwide Plot To Defraud Ppp Of $220k, Over A Dozen People Are Accused

KCTV, Kansas City, Missouri – There are charges against over a dozen people from Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Washington regarding a $220,000 scheme to cheat the Paycheck Protection Program.

On Thursday, February 22, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the District of Western Missouri made an announcement stating that eleven defendants from Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Washington had been charged federally and indicted for their roles in a conspiracy that led to the fraudulent loan of over $220,000 through the Paycheck Protection Program.

According to court documents, a federal grand jury in Kansas City delivered a 13-count indictment under secret on February 6th, charging the following people:

  1. 32-year-old Daisha Sanders, a Royse, Texas resident originally from Blue Springs, Missouri
  2. Joel Wright, 34, is a Royse, Texas resident who was born in Blue Springs, Missouri.
  3. Texas resident Denise Sanders, 60, of Royse
  4. Alfred Hayes IV, 29, of Overland Park, Kansas; Shaquille Fielder, 31, of Kansas City, Missouri; Jordan Nichols, 30, of North Kansas
  5. City, Missouri; and Karen Crowe, 33, of Grandview, Missouri.
  6. Rahonda Golden, 34, of Tacoma, Washington, Luana McNurlin, 36, of St. Louis, Mo.,
  7. 38-year-old Roxanne Nazir of Arlington, Texas
  8. Texas resident Jeffrey Chillis, 30, is from Corpus Christi.

Additionally, according to court documents, the indictment was made available to the public on Thursday after it had been unsealed following the apprehension of nine defendants, including Wright, Nazir, Chillis, Hayes, Crowe, Fielder, and both Sanders ladies. The first appearance of half of them was on Thursday, and the other half is scheduled to appear on Friday.

According to the accusation, between February 2021 and July 2022, all of the accused conspired to submit fictitious applications for PPP financing. They are accused of causing false loans totaling more than $220,000 to be supplied to ineligible borrowers; the majority of these loans were forgiven despite the fact that the money was not utilized for PPP-specific activities.

In exchange for a cut of the loan earnings, Daisha Sanders allegedly prepared loan applications for each of her co-conspirators as well as for herself. The applications either misrepresented the revenue of any firms that did operate in 2019 or claimed to be sole proprietorships prior to the epidemic. She then produced fake IRS paperwork, bank records, and other financial records to bolster the applications.

According to court documents, Daisha filled out the applications, and the co-conspirators agreed to reimburse her up to $5,000 for creating and submitting the fraudulent loan applications once the loans were funded.

Officials stated that each of the remaining suspects has been charged with aiding and abetting, and Sanders has been charged with one count of wire fraud in addition to the conspiracy allegation. Allegedly, each defendant requested for a $20,833 PPP loan.

Additionally, according to court documents, Sanders is facing additional charges related to money laundering. According to the accusation, she would also have to give up any earnings from the alleged offense, including a judgment of $70,003.22.

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