5 Texas Cities Rank Among Places With the Highest Divorce Rate

5 Texas Cities Rank Among Places With the Highest Divorce Rate

Texas is well-known for a number of things, such as its geography, history, culture, and economics. Less well known, though, is the fact that divorce rates are higher in some of its cities. These are the five Texas cities where the percentage of divorced people is highest, according to the most recent census data:


9,955 people live in Bastrop, a small city in central Texas, which is about 30 miles southeast of Austin. It is the city with the highest divorce rate in Texas and among the highest in the nation, with 16% of its citizens being divorced. Bastrop is well-known for its yearly film festival, scenic state park, and historic downtown.


With a population of 6,166, Gladewater is another small community in east Texas, situated roughly 15 miles west of Longview. At 16.0% of its population, it and Bastrop have the highest divorce rates in Texas. Gladewater is known for its yearly rodeo, oil heritage, and antique stores.

Lakeview in Lacy

With a population of 7,190, Lacy-Lakeview is a suburb of Waco in central Texas. At fifteen percent of its population, it has the third-highest divorce rate of any city in Texas. Lacy-Lakeview is well-known for its historic cotton mill, lakefront park, and close proximity to Baylor University.


Jasper, a small city in east Texas close to the Louisiana border, is home to 7,590 people. With a divorce rate of 14.9 percent, it ranks fourth in Texas among cities with the highest divorce rates. Jasper is well-known for its lakes for fishing, pine forests, and yearly butterfly festival.


Lamesa is a small community in west Texas, about 60 miles south of Lubbock. It has 8,998 residents. Its divorce rate is the fifth highest in Texas, with 14.8 percent of its citizens having separated. Lamesa is well-known for its yearly chicken-fried steak festival, art museum, and agriculture.

In summary

According to data from the most recent census, these are the five cities in Texas with the highest divorce rates. Although there are a number of possible causes for these high rates, such as personal, societal, or economic problems, it’s important to understand that divorce isn’t always a bad thing. Divorce might be the best course of action in some cases for people’s and their families’ wellbeing. But it’s also critical to take into account any unfavorable outcomes, like monetary, psychological, or legal issues. Before opting to dissolve a marriage, it is advisable to seek expert assistance, such as therapy, mediation, or legal advice.

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