People Are Leaving Five Vermont Towns as Soon as They Can

People Are Leaving Five Vermont Towns as Soon as They Can

Vermont is well known for its progressive politics, gorgeous scenery, and excellent standard of living. However, not every town in the state offers its citizens the same prospects and appeal.

Numerous communities face serious obstacles, such as recessions, population declines, deteriorating environmental conditions, and social problems. Many people have moved in quest of better opportunities as a result of these circumstances. The following five Vermont communities are seeing a rapid exodus of residents:


With a population of about 15,000, Rutland is Vermont’s second-largest city and has been in decline since 2010.

Due to a lack of work possibilities, high crime rates, low salaries, and inadequate education, many citizens have moved elsewhere. Rutland is struggling with an overdose, violence, and homelessness caused by heroin. Environmental difficulties, such as air pollution, water poisoning, and flooding, further contribute to the town’s challenges.


Springfield, a town of around 9,000 people in Windsor County, was formerly a major industrial hub noted for producing weapons, precision instruments, and machine tools.

But after manufacturing declined and several firms closed, the municipality now faces low wages, high unemployment, stagnant economic growth, and a shrinking tax base. Social problems including drug misuse, poverty, and criminality make things worse in the community.


At 15,000 or more, Bennington is the biggest town in southern Vermont and a center of history and culture. Still, it faces challenges from declining population, declining economic growth, and declining environmental quality.

Bennington’s problems include business closures, the exodus of educated and youthful citizens, and PFOA contamination of the water supply. In addition, the town faces a high cost of living, a low median household income, and a high rate of poverty.


Approximately 4,000 people live in Newport, which is tucked away in Orleans County and situated next to picturesque Lake Memphremagog. It does, however, confront social issues, economic stagnation, and demographic loss.

The city suffered because of a false development project that was supposed to bring many jobs and revive the area. In addition, Newport faces a high rate of poverty, a low median household income, and a high rate of crime.

ST. Johnsbury

With 7,000 residents, St. Johnsbury is the largest town in northern Vermont and a hub for both culture and education. It is situated in Caledonia County. However, there has been a drop in the population, the economy, and the state of the environment.

The town has difficulties as a result of the declining paper industry, the exodus of young, talented individuals, and the degradation of infrastructure and historic buildings. Homelessness, drug abuse, and poverty are additional problems that exacerbate St. Johnsbury’s problems.

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