A Haunted State Highway in Michigan

A Haunted State Highway in Michigan

Drive along Michigan’s Dice Road, a rural route that connects Saginaw and Midland counties, if you’re looking for an adrenaline fix. This road is known as the most haunted in the state since it features three eerie locations and a long history of paranormal activity. I’ll go into the spooky myths and stories about Dice Road in this blog article, so if you decide to explore it, please proceed with caution.

The Cemetery on Dice Road

The Dice Road Cemetery, which dates back to the 1800s, is a peaceful yet unsettling graveyard tucked away along Dice Road. Several Dice family members, well-known local pioneers, are buried here. The tragic story of Mary Ann Dice, who died in 1881 at the age of 23, is woven into local mythology. There are rumours that her husband, Civil War veteran Levi Dice, who suffers from mental illness, killed her.

Some people believe Levi buried Mary Ann in an unmarked grave, while others think he unsettlingly kept her remains in their house. Nevertheless, it is claimed that Mary Ann’s ghost lingers, looking for comfort or vengeance. Guests report experiencing chills on their shoulders, hearing frightening moans, or seeing her apparition.

The House of Pomeraning

The Pomeraning House, a farmhouse built in the 1860s by German immigrant John Pomeraning, is located further down Dice Road. Although the Pomeranings were devoted Christians, they kept a sinister secret until his son William and his family took over. By participating in sorcerous activities such as séances and spirit communication, they inadvertently brought evil spirits into their homes.

There are many stories of unexplained attacks, demonic whispering, and poltergeist activity. Even after they left, the ominous atmosphere lingered, frightening off other owners with ghostly voices, slamming doors, and phantom footsteps. One owner even reported being physically attacked by an unknown force, which made them quickly flee.

The Bridge Over Dice Road

The Dice Road Bridge, which spans the Perch River, was the scene of a horrific disaster in the 1930s. A young family was left with no idea what would happen to them as their automobile washed into the swollen river during a storm. Even after the bridge was restored, the people still talk about ghostly sounds from bygone times. Some drivers report hearing strange noises coming from the riverbanks or seeing a 1930s automobile that disappears as they get closer. Some even claim to have experienced chills similar to being submerged in water.

In summary

Dice Road, a mysterious trail touched with ghosts of the past, beckons. For those who dare, Michigan’s most cursed route offers an unearthly adventure. But proceed with caution—Dice Road jealously protects its secrets and challenges you to discover its unsettling realities.

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