A New Lincoln Project Advertisement Criticizes Republicans And Donald Trump For Impeding The Border Bill

Donald Trump and Washington Republicans are under fire in a new Lincoln Project advertisement airing in Florida and South Carolina for their opposition to a bill that would have funded border security as well as aid to Israel and Ukraine.

“Security,” a one-minute clip, airs in Palm Beach and Charlottesville close to Mar-a-Lago.

Its message is crystal clear: The former President is not the right person for the job if voters are concerned about securing America’s southern border and taking tough measures against terrorism, dangerous narcotics, sex trafficking, and illegal immigration.

The advertisement states, “Joe Biden is ready to protect America’s southern border.” “There’s only one issue: Donald Trump, who has given Republicans the order to obstruct the most restrictive immigration bill in decades because he needs chaos to win.”

After months of talks with Democrats, Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the bipartisan border and foreign aid plan, ending hopes for legislation that would reduce the historically high number of illegal border crossings.

Following Trump’s criticism of the plan in January, the likely GOP presidential nominee, action was taken. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson swiftly dismissed it, as did Senator Marco Rubio, who wrote on the internet that a workable agreement with Biden would never be struck at the White House.

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, said that Trump had coerced House Republicans into rejecting any agreement. Mitt Romney criticized the tactic.

It’s a stunning development, he added, “please hurt my country so I can blame my opponent and help my politics.”

Rick Wilson, one of the founders of Lincoln Project, described it as “one of the most sinister political maneuvers you’ll ever see.”

“Trump believes it will help his campaign, so he has formed a tacit alliance with the drug cartels and child traffickers, allowing them to continue operating along the border,” the statement read. “The cartels and coyotes have the best allies they could ever have in Trump and the MAGAs.”

The latest advertisement, which is part of a series that Lincoln Project recently launched, compares Trump’s goal for the United States to Nazi Germany. It also reminds voters of the cruelty and unrest that Americans experienced during his one-term rule and draws attention to his legal issues related to defamation and sexual assault.

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