California’s Coolest Underground Attractions

Beyond its well-known sunny beaches and magnificent mountains, California is home to fascinating underground wonders just waiting to be discovered. The Golden State is home to a wealth of underground sites that promise mystery and adventure, from secret caverns to ancient tunnels. Let’s explore some of the most amazing underground wonders in California and see why they should be on your list of places to see.

Underground Gardens of Forestiere

One of California’s most remarkable underground treasures, the Forestiere Underground Gardens, is tucked away in Fresno. Constructed over forty years by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere, this expansive 10-acre underground refuge captivates guests with its complex system of passageways, rooms, and sunlight-filled skylights. Take a guided tour and stroll between century-old fruit trees and lush foliage to fully immerse yourself in the imaginative creativity and rich history that lie behind this hidden haven.

Lava tubes and the Subway Cave

The Subway Cave and Lava Tubes in the Lassen National Forest are the only places to go if you’re an adventurous person looking for natural wonders. The quarter-mile-long Subway Cave, sculpted by past volcanic eruptions, beckons exploration through its eerie, cold passageways, while the smaller, trickier Lava Tubes offer an adrenaline ride with the right equipment. Explore these fascinating underground formations, which are open for everyone to explore, and learn about the geological wonders of California’s history.

Vintage Sacramento Underground Tours

Explore the fascinating past of California with the Sacramento History Museum’s Old Sacramento Underground Tours. Explore the 19th-century artifacts and the city’s historic foundations by going beneath the busy streets of Old Sacramento. Take in intriguing stories about the people who lived in the past as you explore this underground time capsule, appropriate for history enthusiasts of all ages. From April through December, schedule your immersion tour to discover the little-known facts about Sacramento’s colorful past.

Marfa Prada

Explore the desert area next to Marfa and you’ll come across the Marfa Prada, a surprising contrast. This installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, which stands in emulation of the renowned luxury boutique, is a provocative reflection on consumerism and fashion. The store is still closed, but in its place is an intriguing sculpture filled with real Prada merchandise that invites passersby to consider its significance in the middle of the desert. Take a free, round-the-clock look at this famous work of art and get a glimpse of modern society in an unusual place.

The Underground Theater of Zombie Joe

Discover the excitement of cutting-edge theater at North Hollywood’s Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. A fun and thought-provoking evening of performances spanning from horror to comedy is in store. Each one will take place in a small space that puts you right in the middle of the action. These live performances are not for the timid, yet they defy expectations and make a lasting impression on viewers. Get your tickets for the weekend shows now to take part in a unique subterranean theater experience.

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In summary

Explore a new aspect of California’s charm with its variety of underground attractions, each providing a special window into the state’s best-kept secrets. These underground wonders promise to enhance your trip to California and leave you with lifelong memories, whether you’re exploring the lush depths of Forestiere Underground Gardens or contemplating art amidst the desert at Marfa Prada.

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