Consumers At Nearby Eateries Paying Fees For Using Their Credit Cards

Consumers at nearby eateries paying fees for using their credit cards

PEORIA (Now 25 News) – Some local businesses now charge their customers a fee instead of the thousands of dollars that restaurants have to pay credit card firms for using customer cards.

A number of clients noticed the charge and posted on social media to vent their annoyance. A few claimed they were unaware of the charge until they received the bill.

Alexander’s Steakhouse’s chairman, Steve Shaw, of Mercedes Restaurants, stated that many proprietors have lowered their portions or trimmed their menus to offset costs.

According to him, the restaurant’s expense report from the previous year showed that payments to credit card firms were the third-most costly line item.

Owner of Davis Brothers Pizza and Hungry Moose Chad Zike said, “You don’t get a choice—it’s pay rent or pay your credit card fees.” “Every month, those companies take it straight out of your bank account.”

“We’re not avaricious. We are not in the business of making huge profits. All we want to do is continue operating and providing decent employment,” Shaw stated. “I hope the state of Illinois will act with great judgment and assist businesses greatly. places something quite helpful in cost control.

Restaurants are required by state law to disclose the cost to patrons either upfront or on the receipt. Rates often range from 3% to 4% of the total amount.

Illinois just made it mandatory for all businesses with five or more employees to offer paid time off. Legislators are attempting to mandate that tipped workers receive $9 per hour in addition to their tips.

According to Alexander’s Steakhouse, these adjustments are difficult financially for restaurants but fantastic for employees.

It becomes increasingly difficult for restaurants to remain in business the more of these labor mandates you impose on them.

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