Courtney Clenney’s Parents, An Onlyfans Model, Were Detained In Texas After Being Accused Of Killing Their Boyfriend

Courtney Clenney's Parents, An Onlyfans Model, Were Detained In Texas After Being Accused Of Killing Their Boyfriend

Miami: Tuesday saw the arrest of Courtney Clenney’s parents in Texas. Courtney is a model for OnlyFans and is suspected of stabbing her lover to death at their Miami apartment.

Kim and Deborah Clenney were detained without bond for another agency at 2:34 p.m. by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office on allegations of out-of-state felonies, according to records that CBS News Miami was able to obtain.

The following was part of a statement published by the Clenney family’s attorneys:

“We’re extremely surprised and very concerned about the arrest of the Clenney family; this could be an example of prosecutorial overreach and misconduct.”

“We think the Clenney family has been singled out for some baseless accusations in an effort to damage them in the media and ruin their life. It sounds like prosecutors are trying to control the story through a power play. The State is requesting a gag order in this case this Thursday. They’ve now targeted Courtney’s parents in a way that necessitates a lengthy jail sentence without the possibility of release.”

Since we don’t yet know the exact nature of the charges, it seems the prosecutors are trying to gain as much publicity as possible on this case with little to no supporting evidence. It’s tasteless and superfluous. We would have been in court had they just made a phone call. It’s really unacceptable.”

Clenney says that back in 2022, at their Miami apartment, she stabbed Christian Obumseli out of self-defense.

According to a Tuesday story on, Obumseli’s laptop was found in the couple’s shared residence and was found by the father. This is the reason behind the social media influencer’s parents’ detention.

A new film that was recently released depicts the tumultuous relationship that OnlyFans model Clenney had with her lover, who was fatally stabbed only a few months prior.

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office made the video available as part of a plethora of fresh evidence in the case.

On a trip to Aspen, Colorado, Clenney is seen striking Obumseli more than a dozen times in the footage.

As part of the investigation, the civil attorney for the Obsumseli family was given access to over a hundred pieces of evidence, including the video.

Additionally, Clenney is seen accusing Obumseli of having an affair, a claim he refutes.

According to the lawyer for his family, Courtney displayed a troubling pattern of behavior in this video.

The lawyer for Clenney told CBS News Miami in a statement:

“The unhealthy relationship between Obumseli and Courtney Clenney is demonstrated in this video. There is proof that Obumseli had physically mistreated Courtney in the past, and on April 3, 2022, Courtney had to defend herself from Obumseli’s assault.”

Clenney’s legal team has maintained in court that she killed her lover to protect herself during a domestic fight.

Second-degree murder is the accusation against Clenney.

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