Livingston County Community Mental Health will settle for $100,000

Livingston County Community Mental Health will settle for $100,000

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — Following claims that he experienced a major delay in receiving services, a local man will get $100,000 as part of a settlement with Livingston County Community Mental Health.

“CB,” a 24 year old Medicaid recipient with serious disability, is covered. He claims he was harmed by LCCMH’s two-year delay in providing Medicaid services that were medically essential in his lawsuit against the organization.

In July 2022, an administrative judge rendered a written decision in CB’s favor, directing LCCMH to carry out the services. After 72 hours, CB filed a lawsuit to (1) uphold the judge’s ruling and (2) seek monetary damages to make up for the pain that had been endured.

LCCMH followed the order, but not before the 44th Circuit Court of Livingston County rejected the lawsuit, a result that CB challenged.

In a publicly available ruling in December 2023, the Michigan Court of Appeals determined that CB might be entitled to financial recompense and remanded the matter to the 44th Circuit Court. A settlement was then achieved by both parties.

According to Nick Gable, senior attorney for Disability Rights Michigan, “Medicaid beneficiaries must be able to enforce fair hearing decisions where medically necessary services are at stake.” “This settlement and the Court of Appeals’ ruling are critical steps in guaranteeing accountability and ensuring the system functions.”

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