In battleground states, Democrats use social media influencers to win over younger voters

In battleground states, Democrats use social media influencers to win over younger voters

A $1 million campaign by a Democratic super PAC aims to compensate social media content providers for posting messages in favor of Biden.

According to POLITICO, the Priorities USA political action committee is endorsing President Biden for reelection and has recruited 150 TikTok and Instagram producers in an effort to draw in younger voters for the 2024 election.

Priorities is employing influencers to disseminate pro-Biden messaging in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia, according to Danielle Butterfield, the executive director of Priorities, who spoke with POLITICO.

“As we looked to 2024, we felt like it was important to reach voters where they were spending their time,” Butterfield stated. “We’re going to have a ton of success in marketing Biden’s accomplishments when we can anchor it in terms of impact and real people and putting some personality behind what Biden’s accomplishments are doing.”

According to an NBC poll conducted in November, one in five voters use TikTok every day, with a higher percentage of young women and people of color using the app often. Additionally, it was discovered that compared to Republicans, Democrats and independents are more likely to frequently utilize the app.

Lisa Boothe of Fox News pointed out that exit polls from the 2020 presidential election indicated that Biden had a double-digit advantage over young voters; however, more recent polls indicate that former President Trump has either narrowed the difference or won the group.

According to a recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll, Trump has a 37%–33% advantage against Biden among voters under 35.

“There’s a gender divide with younger voters as well, with women, you know, being more liberal and then men trending more moderate and conservative,” Boothe stated on “The Big Weekend Show.” Thus, be mindful of youthful voters. Should these patterns persist, [they] might surprise us.”

Tomi Lahren, the co-host, stated that she believes Biden won’t fare as well with younger voters because they are fed up with him and his age.

“Young people will go out and vote for that no matter how many influencers on the right that you try to cultivate,” she continued, if Biden is not the Democratic nominee for 2024 and Democrats discuss issues like student loan forgiveness, Roe v. Wade, and climate change.

Retired Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz expressed concern about the Republican response to Democratic use of social media influencers.

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