Parents And Students In Maryland Are Calling For Legislation To Stop Gun Violence

Parents And Students In Maryland Are Calling For Legislation To Stop Gun Violence

Proponents flocked to Annapolis on Tuesday in significant numbers. They call for measures to stop gun violence, particularly near schools.

At Lawyers Mall, two organizations came together: Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action. They are mobilizing to push for the expansion of historic laws aimed at enhancing gun safety and preventing gun violence.

Among their most ardent supporters is Governor Wes Moore.

“We are going to pass legislation to make sure you are protected, to make sure you are supported and to make sure your family members are remembered,” Moore stated.

Moore’s bill, which would establish the Center for Firearm Violence Prevention, is backed by supporters. Legislation that modifies compensation for gunshot victims is what they want to see, as is ongoing support for community intervention and preventive initiatives.

In addition, they demanded that the Gun Industry Accountability Act be passed, opening the door for legal action against gun manufacturers whose products are used in shooting incidents.

Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher, a Democrat from Montgomery County’s District 18, stated, “Gun industry immunity is a hall pass for mayhem.”

An increasing percentage of pupils expressed their fear of potential gun violence during social gatherings and at school.

“When you attend a public event like a basketball or football game after school, you can’t help but worry about whether you’ll make it home to your parents. Will I be seeing you tomorrow? ” Senior Timothy Shadare of Glen Burnie High School remarked.

Advocate Navian Scarlett stated, “If the focus is on, ‘Am I going to die today?,’ students cannot learn.”

Although the Gun Industry Accountability Act was not put to a vote in the committee during the 2023 session, the chair of the committee is in favor of it this time around.

Supporters argue that the bill’s basis is not new, citing precedent from legal actions against the tobacco and drug industries.

The bill’s opponents don’t agree. Maryland Shall Issue, a Second Amendment rights organization, made a statement to 11 News saying, “MSI is opposed to this piece of legislation.” It aims to impose potentially enormous legal liabilities under an unconstitutionally ambiguous legal standard on dealers, distributors, and manufacturers for completely permissible activities related to criminals misusing firearms. The idea would essentially hold auto manufacturers accountable for drivers who abuse their licenses or who drive while intoxicated. Judicial scrutiny of the measure will not be successful.”

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