Republicans In Congress From Alabama Banded Together To Oppose The Senate Border Bill, Saying It “Doesn’t Measure Up.”

Republicans In Congress From Alabama Banded Together To Oppose The Senate Border Bill, Saying It Doesn't Measure Up.

The Senate border security package is opposed by all eight Republican members of Alabama’s congressional delegation, who argue the plan does not go far enough to stop illegal border crossings.

“Throughout the entire process, President Biden has consistently demonstrated his intention to prolong the border crisis rather than resolve it,” stated Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala., who listed border security as one of her main goals for her 2022 campaign. “This supplemental funding bill will not effectively stop President Biden from pursuing his mass migration agenda, so I will not support it.”

The $20 billion set aside in the bill for border security, which would also give $60 billion to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel, would finance the hiring of thousands more officers to assess asylum claims, the addition of hundreds more Border Patrol agents, and the prevention of the fentanyl supply.

The bill has earned Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, his “immovable NO.”

He exclaimed, “It’s unbelievable that this is the ‘border security bill’ that has been ‘negotiated.'” “This legislation DESTROYS American independence. It will shackle the next President who genuinely wants to safeguard our borders defend our nation and erode immigration rules for decades to come. The purpose of this measure is to legitimize the influx of undocumented immigrants into the United States of America. “I am a firm no.”

Representative Barry Moore, a Republican from Enterprise, declared he would not support the bill if it reached the House floor.

The Senate’s “border security” bill has 370 references to Ukraine. Only $20 billion of taxpayer funds are sent to our southern border, but $60 billion is sent to Ukraine. I AM AGAINST this Act. “America First!”

The bill, according to Republican congressman Gary Palmer of Hoover, “would be detrimental to our country” and is a “poor excuse for a border security bill.” He added that the House’s border plan should be supported by the Senate instead.

The bill, according to Republican Representative Jerry Carl of Mobile, “does nothing but reward illegal immigration into the U.S.”

The bill is “dead on arrival” in the House, according to Haleyville representative Rep. Robert Aderholt.

Steve Scalise, the majority leader of the house, verified Aderholt’s tweet. Scalise’s post was retweeted by Representative Mike Rogers, R-Saks:

The proposal, said to Huntsville representative Dale Strong, “will not meaningfully improve our border crisis.”

“I am concerned that the emergency authorities are so rife with exceptions, loopholes, and waivers that it will not meaningfully improve our border crisis,” he stated after reading the 370 pages that the Senate had made public. For instance, the measure establishes a new “Border Emergency Authority,” but it restricts its use to the President’s use to less than nine months of the year and only in the event that 4,000 or more illegal aliens cross the border in a single day.

He declared, “I don’t think the Senate proposal even represents incremental progress.”

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