The Cheapest And Tastiest Lunch In New Jersey

The Cheapest And Tastiest Lunch In New Jersey

New Jersey has an abundance of delicious and varied food options. Finding a filling lunch restaurant that won’t break the bank, though, can be difficult. Thankfully, the state is home to a few undiscovered culinary gems that provide delicious food at affordable prices. These are some of the best spots in New Jersey to have a filling and affordable lunch.

Tony Boloney’s

Tony Boloney’s is the pizza experience that will satisfy your cravings for something different. This pizza specializes in toppings that are unusual and imaginative. You can create your own personalized slice or select from their popular pies, such as the Mac & Cheese, Ramen, and Taco pizzas. Additionally, Tony Boloney’s serves salads, sandwiches, and snacks that are crafted using fresh, regional ingredients. Depending on size and toppings, a complete pie can cost anywhere from $18 to $30. A slice of pizza typically costs about $4.

Falafel of Mamoun

Mamoun’s Falafel, a Middle Eastern restaurant that has been providing authentic and delectable food since 1971, is a great option for a hearty and filling lunch. Savor their famous falafel sandwiches, which have a crispy outside and a juicy inside, or try some of their other specialties, such as hummus, baba ganouj, tabbouleh, and shawarma. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered to by Mamoun’s Falafel, which makes everything fresh every day. A platter with salad and pita bread costs $9, but a falafel sandwich only costs $4.

White-meat hamburgers

White Manna Hamburgers is a throwback diner that has been serving up juicy, tasty burgers since 1946. Come for a taste of genuine American burgers. Choose between a single or double burger, cheese or not, and add extras like pickles, ketchup, onions, lettuce, or tomatoes. In addition, White Manna Hamburgers sells economically priced sides such milkshakes, onion rings, fries, and hot dogs. A $1.50 single burger will set you back $2.50 for a double.

El Tule

El Tule is a Mexican and Peruvian restaurant with a varied menu that includes dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado, and tacos and burritos for a hearty and filling lunch. Take a look at their daily specialties, which include fish stew, pork chops, and chicken soup. You can add flavor to your meal by selecting from salsas like habanero, roja, or verde at El Tule’s bar. A burrito costs $8 and a taco costs $2.50.

Bagel Spoon

Visit Bagel Nook, a bagel cafe known for its creative and delectable bagels, for a satisfying lunch that fulfills your appetites for both sweet and savory foods. Pick from standard varieties like sesame, plain, or everything, or treat yourself to exotic varieties like rainbow, French toast, or Oreo. Add several cream cheese options to your bagel, such as cookie dough, bacon cheddar, or Nutella. A premium bagel costs $3.50, while an ordinary bagel costs $1.25.

In Summary

In summary, New Jersey offers a rich variety of affordable lunch options. Standouts include Tony Boloney’s with its imaginative pizzas, Mamoun’s Falafel for authentic Middle Eastern fare, White Manna Hamburgers for classic American burgers, El Tule for Mexican and Peruvian delights, and Bagel Nook for creative and satisfying bagel options. These spots provide both delicious meals and budget-friendly choices, making them top picks for a hearty and economical lunch in the state.

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