These Are The Five Deadliest Gangs Taking Over California

These Are The Five Deadliest Gangs Taking Over California

Many street gangs, some of which are well-known for their violent, criminal, and disruptive pasts, are present throughout California. The security and stability of the communities these groups live in are threatened. We’ll examine the size, activities, and effects of the five most dangerous gangs in California in this post.

1. MS-13

Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, was founded in Los Angeles in the 1980s by immigrants from El Salvador who were fleeing the civil conflict in their own country. The group, well-known for its ruthlessness and allegiance, is involved in a variety of illegal activities, such as drug and people trafficking, extortion, and murder. MS-13 is a global organization with an estimated 10,000 members, most of whom are in California. It is active in 40 countries.

2. 18th Street Gang

The 18th Street Gang, often known as Barrio 18, was established in Los Angeles in the 1960s by Mexican-American teenagers who had been turned away from other gangs. It grew quickly and is currently one of the biggest and most varied gangs in California, with members from a wide range of ethnic origins. With an estimated 15,000 members in Los Angeles alone, the 18th Street Gang operates in 120 locations around the United States and Central America and is involved in crimes like drug distribution, robbery, and assault.

3. Crips

Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams founded the Crips in Los Angeles in the late 1960s with the intention of uniting against competing gangs. They are easily identified by their graffiti, hand signs, and blue clothing. They are also well-known for committing crimes like drug trafficking, robbery, and murder. The Crips, a rival gang that has about 35,000 members in California, have split up into many fighting groups and frequently engage in conflict with other gangs like the Bloods.

4. Bloods

The Bloods were a group of ex-Crips members that came together in early 1970s Los Angeles as a reaction to discord within their former gang. They can be identified by their red clothing and emblems. They commit a variety of crimes similar to the Crips, such as drug trafficking and murder. With an approximate membership of 20,000 in California, they are organized into many groups and occasionally work together with other gangs like the People Nation and the Norteños.

5. Norteños

The opposing Sureños are the Norteños, who are part of the Nuestra Familia prison gang and were founded in Northern California in the 1960s. They are identifiable by their crimson clothing and emblems, and their crimes include drug trafficking, murder, and assault. The Norteños are in direct competition with their Southern counterparts, having an estimated 10,000 members who are mostly active in the Central Valley and the Bay Area.

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In summary

These five gangs are particularly dangerous in California, posing a threat to millions of people through their violent and illegal actions. It is extremely difficult for communities and law enforcement organizations to counteract their influence. To lessen the threat these gangs pose to public safety, there needs to be greater public awareness of the issue and support for countermeasures.

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