This Wyoming Haunted Cemetery’s Horrifying Backstory

This Wyoming Haunted Cemetery's Horrifying Backstory

The state of Wyoming, well known for its breathtaking scenery, has an intriguing, if mysterious, past. The Francis E. Warren Air Force Base Cemetery in Cheyenne is one of the most haunted places in the state, with many people reporting that they see restless spirits wandering around.

Origins of Cemeteries

Dedicated in 1867, the cemetery was the last resting place for civilians and soldiers who died at Fort D.A. Russell, which subsequently became an air force installation. With 39 acres of space, it is home to more than 4,000 burials, including Buffalo Soldiers, veterans of the Indian Wars, and Medal of Honor recipients.

Among the notable people buried there is Big Nose George Parrott, a notorious bandit who was murdered and skinned in 1881 by an enraged crowd; his death mask and skull are on display at the Rawlins, Colorado, Carbon County Museum. The renowned pilot Amelia Earhart, who vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, has another noteworthy tomb. Although her remains were never found, the cemetery installed a memorial stone in her honor in 1979.

Unusual Behavior

Many reports from guests and employees describe paranormal activity on the cemetery grounds:

  • Sounds such as footsteps, gunfire, bugle cries, and voices that are especially audible at night or in the vicinity of soldier cemeteries.
  • reports of ghosts, mists, orbs, and shadows; some were even documented on camera.
  • Feelings of pushes, touches, and cold places, indicating an attempt to attract attention or elicit dread.
  • malfunctioning of electronic equipment, including phones, cameras, and spotlights.
  • finding of missing or relocated items, such as flags, flowers, and money left on graves.

The Old Post Section, which has the oldest graves, the Confederate Section, which has eighteen Confederate prisoners of war there, and the Children’s Section, which has a large number of young people resting there, are the busiest sections.

The Story of the Blue Lady

A terrifying legend associated with the graveyard concerns the Lady in Blue, a spectral apparition frequently seen donning a blue garment. She is thought to be the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide after learning that her beloved had perished in a duel.

The woman, a wealthy rancher’s daughter, supposedly fell in love with a soldier stationed at Fort D.A. Russell. Her father set up her marriage to a different man because he didn’t approve. After the soldier challenged the suitor to a duel, he was shot and killed. Wearing blue to his funeral, the bereaved widow hanged herself from a tree next to his cemetery.

Her spirit prowls the graveyard in quest of her departed beloved. People’s perceptions of her vary; some think she’s innocent and sad, while others think she’s enraged and vindictive. The Lady in Blue can follow people, speak in their ears, or even engage in physical contact with them. The best times to see her are on full moon evenings or on October 31, the anniversary of her death.

Cemetery As of Right Now

The cemetery is still open to the public and is open from sunrise to sunset. It is suggested that visitors acknowledge the tombs and the ghosts while politely exploring. Studies carried out by paranormal investigators have produced proof of the haunting.

The cemetery, designated as a historical site, offers year-round guided tours and special events, such as a Halloween Ghost Tour, a Memorial Day Ceremony, and a Wreaths Across America Ceremony.

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