Biden Calls Macron, Who Died In 1996, “Mitterrand” In Error

Biden Calls Macron, Who Died In 1996, Mitterrand In Error

President Joe Biden recently made the terrible mistake of confusing French President Emmanuel Macron with former French President Francois Mitterrand.

Biden Erroneously Refers to Macron as “Mitterrand”

Recalling an event from the 2021 G7 conference in England, Biden incorrectly refers to Macron as “Mitterrand” and claims to have spoken with “Mitterrand from Germany.”

Biden made reference to Macron, the president of France as of 2017. Nationally French, Mitterrand died in January 1996. During a campaign speech in Las Vegas, Biden made a mistake. He declared that “America was back,” yet he went on to talk about his talk with “Mitterrand from Germany.”

Much attention was focused on the mistake, which led to questions about Biden’s mental health. According to a recent study, 74.31% of participants expressed either “great concern” or “somewhat concern” on Biden’s mental health, especially in light of the potential that he may run for reelection.

When Biden Unintentionally Calls Macron “Mitterrand,” The White House Modifies The Recording

The White House released a transcript of the conference after the error was discovered, in which the word “Mitterrand” was mistranslated as “Macron” and enclosed in quotation marks.

The incident emphasizes how important accuracy and meticulousness are while speaking in public, especially for public figures such as political leaders. Even little mistakes could have serious repercussions and cast doubt on their mental stability.

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