Effect Of Gun Storage Laws On Sales Of Gun Safes

Effect Of Gun Storage Laws On Sales Of Gun Safes

MIAMI BAY CITY, WNEM – TV5 met with a man who sells gun safes to find out if demand has increased since Michigan’s new gun safety rules went into effect a little more than a week ago.

It’s comparable to a backyard pool. You have to take care of the pool. Owner of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City Glenn Duncan remarked, “You have to be responsible for your gun as well as your car keys.”

He asserted that gun owners ought to be cautious.

This is the aim of Michigan’s recently passed safe storage law, which mandates that firearms be kept out of the hands and stored safely when a youngster is around. If a child kills or injures someone else, they might also face penalties or even jail time.

Duncan claimed that despite the fact that it has been in place for more than a week, sales of gun locks have not increased.

According to him, some gun owners are holding off on purchasing lock boxes or gun safes until after the tax exemption goes into effect. Originally scheduled to start on the same day as the bill, it was postponed by ninety days.

“We hope to resume that program on May 13 and really get people looking at gun locks and gun safety boxes.” We all recognize that children should not be around guns at home. They are curious. Thus, just like you do with everything else in your home, you want to be able to securely lock it and keep your children safe, Duncan added.

The tax exemption, he said, will assist owners in defraying the cost of larger purchases such as gun safes, but in the interim, he added, there are plenty of other safe storage choices available at lower costs, some as low as $6.50.

Duncan stated that the most crucial aspect of securely storing firearms is preventing minors from having access to them.

“You must assist them. You must visit them to ensure their safety. One important thing to remember is never to leave anything out—leaving a gun outside might be deadly, the speaker stated.

For a free gun lock, you can also visit a police department that participates in the Project Childsafe Program.

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