$60K in cash found at a Maryland auction in a rusted coffee can

$60K in cash found at a Maryland auction in a rusted coffee can

DUNKIRK, Md. – A businesswoman in Maryland discovered something shocking while sorting through a recent lot of goods brought to her auction house.

The story began when an unnamed woman from Dunkirk, Maryland, received an odd call informing her that a loved one had died.

Owner of Bunting Online Auctions and Market Dawn Bunting stated, “She was unaware that he was residing there.”

“She said he left New York 40 years ago and hadn’t talked to him,” she continued.

The widow brought the belongings to an Owings, Maryland, consignment auction shop after being instructed to clear the estate of a loved one who had passed away in Virginia.

“They didn’t really have any expectations. All they needed was some assistance in getting stuff out,” said Bunting.

Bunting reported seeing enormous five-foot model ships and baseball cards.

“I believe we had twelve. It was dubbed the Armada. She remembered, “They were some gorgeous old French furniture, like museum-type models.”

plus a vintage train set.

According to Bunting, “it sat in the corner for probably four weeks.”

There was an old rusted tin coffee can full of cash hidden under all the trains.

“I thought ‘what could be in that coffee can,’ and then I saw it was full of all of these bank envelopes full of 100s,” said Bunting.

It turns out that the total amount of money was over $60,000.

She was astonished to see that we had simply sort of tossed stuff out of this bag when she arrived. Bunting remarked, “She was pretty speechless.”

The consignor was pleased to receive the money back, according to the auction house owner, but no one is yet sure how or how long the money was hidden.

“We believe the person was a coin collector as well as someone who most likely experienced the Great Depression and didn’t trust banks. We simply believe he’s one of those individuals that wants it to stay that way,” Bunting remarked.

Although they frequently discover hidden objects, the owner says that this was by far their greatest discovery.

“Everyone was ecstatic! We have a great time and get to do a lot of interesting things here,” she remarked.

Every Thursday at 7 p.m., Bunting Online Auctions hosts a bidding session featuring a variety of gems.

They intend to shortly start a series on everything bizarre they discover.

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