Hearing on Bill to Prohibit Smoking in Casinos: Safeguarding Employees

Hearing on Bill to Prohibit Smoking in Casinos Safeguarding Employees

A bipartisan House Bill 2622 that would add smoking inside casinos to the state’s Clean Indoor Act will be discussed by Kansas lawmakers. According to KWCH, employees want to change the fact that Kansas is one of eleven states that permit smoking inside casinos.

In an effort to shield casino employees from the damaging effects of secondhand smoke, Joe Hafley, the creator and CVEO of CEASE Kansas (Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects), has been pushing for the passage of this legislation for more than a year.

Joe Hafley remarked, “We don’t have to deal with people smoking at the door.” “And I obtain people’s IDs when I ID them. They don’t like it, so they blow smoke in my face.”

All four of Kansas’ casinos—Kansas Star, Boot Hill, Kansas Crossing Casino + Hotel, and Hollywood Casino at Kansas Crossway—would be impacted by the smoking ban.

Representative Ford Carr of the Kansas House stated that he wants to see the bill signed into law and that he supports it. All it takes, he continued, is “common courtesy.” He believes that smokers should show consideration for those who do not smoke.

Opponents of the law claim that a prohibition will burden smokers further. Since there aren’t many indoor smoking locations, it makes sense that smokers are fiercely opposed to the smoking ban. According to Carr, patrons of casinos shouldn’t have to “deal with smoking” in order to partake in gaming.

Rep. Carr asserted, “The casinos were built for gaming.” And that’s what they do for a living. A person is still free to smoke or engage in any other habit in the comfort of their own home.”

According to Hafley, enacting this legislation will shield casino patrons and employees from secondhand smoke. He makes the case that employees of casinos should have a safe workplace.

“You used to be able to smoke on aeroplanes until flight attendants stood up, and they banned that in the 70s, I believe,” Hafley continued. “They had their chance of banning it, and now we’re doing ours.”

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