Help make holiday wishes come true; donate to Shop With A Cop

Help make holiday wishes come true; donate to Shop With A Cop

LOGAN It’s that time of year again—when thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas drift into our consciousness. Everyone immediately gets into the holiday spirit as soon as the retailers begin to exhibit gorgeous holiday decorations.

Nonetheless, the Logan Police Department never fails to get into the holiday spirit, as they solicit donations all year long to support their Shop With A Cop initiative.

The program is led by Logan Police Officer Dan Campbell, who also handles application processing and donation gathering. On one major day, kids in Hocking County will have the chance to go shopping for Christmas with a police officer, firefighter, EMS paramedic, State Trooper, or other first responders.

Each year on the second Saturday in December, children from all around the county come out with their parents for an enjoyable day of shopping with the law enforcement, public safety officials, and other volunteers.

The Logan Police Department is currently accepting applications for Shop With A Cop. However, the applications must be submitted to the LPD by December 1st. An application for the program can be filled out by parents or guardians, but the following details are needed:

  • Name, address, and phone number of parent or guardian; MUST be a Hocking County resident
  • Names and ages of the children; they MUST be under 18 and enrolled in school; • Have the child or children ever participated in the program?
  • An explanation of the situation that led to the aid request

It is important for parents to know that submitting an application does not ensure that their child or children will be chosen. Though regrettably not every child can be chosen, the initiative aims to assist as many children as possible. Children who have never participated in the program will be given priority.

In order to support the increasing number of families in need during this time of year, Campbell needs to raise at least $35,000. He hopes to be able to feed at least 300 children this year.

Each kid selected for the program will receive $150, of which $50 must be used for clothing or school supplies. The remaining $150 may be used for toys or other age-appropriate purchases.

According to Campbell, “I have the final say in whether or not they get something, and if I say no, then they don’t get it.” “It would be similar if they requested a game, but I thought it was too young for them.”

Donations of any size are welcome, and Campbell is grateful to everyone who takes the time to support this deserving cause, which aims to provide a bright and joyous Christmas for every kid in Hocking County.

Any bank, business, or organization that would like to donate to Shop With A Cop can do so by calling Campbell at 740-385-6866 or by visiting the Logan Police Department.

Walmart will host Shop With A Copy on Saturday, December 9. Those who are selected for the program will be notified by phone or email of the exact time and location of the event.

Shop With A Cop has come a long way from feeding about 50 children when Campbell took over the program roughly 15 years ago to serving over 300 children during the Christmas season.

“It’s incredible,” Campbell said. “Seeing the expression on those children’s faces is incredibly fulfilling and astounding. Being able to assist so many families in Hocking County has been a great blessing for us. There are some children in the county who wouldn’t have presents on Christmas morning if it weren’t for this program and numerous others.

The children and first responders who take part in Shop With A Cop are a true witness to the existence of Santa, despite the doubts of some. Santa lives on in the hearts of all children and in the men and women who defend and cherish our community every day.

The community values this initiative much, as do the first responders, who occasionally take money out of their own pockets to help purchase additional toys or other items the kids may have selected but couldn’t afford. The first responders’ consideration and care are immeasurable, and the grins on the faces of the children involved in this program are worth a million dollars.

Seeing the children’s broad smiles and giggles is what matters most, as is ensuring that their needs are satisfied during the holiday season. As the community has always been giving, Campbell said, “I hope that this year, Shop With A Cop will be able to help at least 300 kids because of their generosity.”

Visit the Logan Police Department at 50 S. Mulberry St. to enroll in Shop With A Cop, or give them a call at 740-385-6866. If you would like to donate to Shop With A Cop, please get in touch with Logan Police Department’s Dan Campbell. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated, regardless of the size.

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