It’s Known Which South Carolina City Is the Worst to Live in

It's Known Which South Carolina City Is the Worst to Live in

Beautiful beaches, historic cities, and quaint towns are just a few of South Carolina’s many attractions. But not every part of the Palmetto State has perfect living conditions. Certain cities struggle with high rates of crime, low salaries, poor education, and other issues that make them less appealing to live in. The following South Carolina city is the least desirable place to live in 2024, according to our study of the most recent statistics from the FBI and other sources:


Union County, home to 7,719 people, has the regrettable distinction of being the least attractive area in South Carolina to reside. Road Snacks asserts that Union is entitled to this term for a number of reasons, including:

  • 10.9% unemployment, which is almost twice as high as the national average.
  • a 31.6% poverty rate, which means that nearly one in three citizens struggle with money.
  • a household income that is less than half of the national median, at $30,161.
  • The city has the highest rate of homicides per capita in the state, with a crime rate that is 126% higher than the norm for South Carolina.

77% of students graduate from underfunded, underperforming schools with a 16:1 student-teacher ratio.
Union, which was formerly a major center for the textile industry, has declined significantly in recent years, leaving many of its citizens jobless and without opportunity. The city also lacks basic facilities including restaurants, entertainment centers, and parks. The only attraction that displays the history and culture of the city is the Union County Museum.

Other Applicants

There are other South Carolina cities than Union that struggle with poor living standards. Other candidates for the state’s least ideal city to reside in include:

  • Dillon has the state’s highest rate of property crime and the second-highest rate of violent crime.
  • Hartsville has the state’s highest rate of violent crime and the third-highest rate of property crime.
  • Darlington has the state’s fifth-highest rate of property crime and the fourth-highest rate of violent crime.
  • Orangeburg, which has the state’s sixth-highest rate of violent crime and the second-highest rate of poverty.
  • Florence has the third-highest state rate of poverty and the seventh-highest rate of violent crime.

In Summary

Even if South Carolina has a wide variety of attractions and scenery, not every city can provide its citizens with a comfortable place to live. Certain urban areas face problems like poverty, unemployment, crime, and other obstacles that lower the standard of living. Union is ranked as the least desired place to live in South Carolina for 2024 according to the most recent data, followed by Dillon, Hartsville, Darlington, Orangeburg, and Florence. To raise the standard of living for their residents, these cities urgently need to be improved.

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