New Mexico Is Hit By A Lot Of Rain And Snow In The Mountains On Friday

New Mexico Is Hit By A Lot Of Rain And Snow In The Mountains On Friday

By Friday morning, a snow storm is expected to enter New Mexico. Rain and widespread snow are expected during the weekend.

Today is going to be another warm day in New Mexico, with highs expected to reach the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Thursday afternoon saw another ascent into the 60s in Albuquerque. In northwest New Mexico, patchy showers are starting to form this afternoon, but they will end by tonight. Early on Friday morning, heavier rain and snow from the mountains will move into western New Mexico. By Friday morning, the Rio Grande Valley will be included in the movement. By late morning, these sporadic bouts of rain will spread into eastern New Mexico. As a cold front moves over the state on Friday, there will be continuous rain and mountain snow showers for the majority of the day. There will be moments when west winds gust above 30 mph. There will be a greater likelihood of light snowfall in more places on Saturday morning as temperatures dip on Friday night and reach as low as 5,000 feet.

By Saturday morning, the rain and snow will stop in many places; however, northern New Mexico will get another round of rain and snow on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon, there will also be a strong development of northwesterly winds. There will be wind gusts as high as 45 mph in regions south and east of I-40, and as high as 60 mph in certain places in eastern New Mexico. The winds will gradually decrease by Saturday night, the rain and snow will stop, and the remainder of the weekend will see dry weather.

The southern Colorado mountains and the northern mountains will receive the most snowfall from the storm. In New Mexico, snowfall exceeding 10 inches is anticipated above 8,500 feet. There might be anywhere from 10 to 24 inches of snow in the mountains in southern Colorado.

Sunday afternoon will see the return of warmer weather, and early next week will see the warming trend continue. By the middle of the next week, yet another storm is expected to approach New Mexico. With its increased moisture content, this storm has the potential to produce much more mountain snowfall and widespread rains.

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