In Dothan, Farmers Congregate For The Peanut Trade Show

In Dothan, Farmers Congregate For The Peanut Trade Show

WTVY DOTHAN, AL – On Thursday morning, hundreds of farmers from Florida and Alabama gathered for the Peanut Trade Show.

There were around a hundred vendors specializing in the newest subjects in agriculture.

“This time of year, farmers are very busy and have a lot of decisions to make,” stated Ken Barton, the Florida Peanut Producers Association’s executive director. “We gathered all these agribusinesses in one location so farmers could visit them and learn how to better manage their time so they could return to the task at hand.”

Crop production, insurance premiums, and agricultural research were among the focal points.

Given that Florida and Alabama contribute significantly to the country’s peanut harvest, every advantage might be advantageous.

Although we also cultivate cotton and corn, peanuts have traditionally been the predominant crop, according to Barton. “They are a major economic engine in the Tri-State region, particularly in the Dothan and Florida panhandle areas.”

In terms of US peanut production, Florida and Alabama only lag behind Georgia, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

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