Opposition to the Lease Move at the Blasco Library

Opposition to the Lease Move at the Blasco Library

The campaign to keep the Erie County Public Library open to the public is being carried on by local library supporters.

They still object to a lease that was signed between Gannon University and Erie County, allowing the latter to build a facility for study on the Great Lakes water quality in a section of Blasco Library, the city of Erie’s primary library.

To mark the area that Gannon is renting on the first floor of Blasco Library, a few dozen volunteers from Keep Our Library Public and installation Minerva constructed what they called a benign human art installation on Sunday.

Protesters brandished signs with the words “rescind the lease.”

Silently, they shifted into position to support their argument. The area they depicted is only one-third of what Gannon’s Project NePTWNE will require, they said Erie News Now. It will also occupy some office space and two collaboration laboratories.

Protesters think that Gannon’s environmental study is worthwhile, but they feel that it should not be conducted in a library and they want to take their protest farther into the battle.

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