The Secretary Of State Provides An Explanation For The Seeming Problems With The Mail-in Vote Counting

The Secretary Of State Provides An Explanation For The Seeming Problems With The Mail-in Vote Counting

KOLO, LAS VEGAS, NV – 6:15 p.m. Revision: In a revised statement, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office claims to have found every problem that led to the website displaying inaccurate voting data. According to them, the problem arises from the outdated voting data reporting technologies that counties formerly employed as well as oversights made throughout the reporting procedure. Election authorities claim that new files from all throughout Nevada are currently being validated, and that within 48 hours, the data should be accurate.

The party has received complaints that claim voters who did not participate in the primary have received unexpected notices from the Secretary of State’s Office indicating that their mail-in ballots have been marked as “mail ballot counted.”

The party claims that there are now worries about the security of the ballot counting methods due to these reports, which raises doubts about the process’s accuracy and transparency.

The state GOP claims that in order to look into the purported anomalies, it is in active contact with the Secretary of State’s Office.

The Nevada Republican Party Chairman, Michael McDonald, said, “We take these reports very seriously.” “The American people’s faith and confidence in the electoral process is the cornerstone of our republic.” To maintain the integrity of our elections, any hint of irregularity needs to be looked at in great detail.

Regarding these anomalies, the Secretary of State of Nevada issued the following statement:

The Secretary of State’s Office was made aware of potential technological problems with regard to the voting records of those who abstained from the Presidential Preference Primary on Sunday, February 18. Elections and IT personnel met with county clerks and registrars this morning and got to work on the problem right away. We’re trying our best to find a quick solution, and we’ll keep you updated as we can.

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