Seven “Secret Spots” Before Breaking Into A Home In Florida, Burglars Make Sure

Seven Secret Spots Before Breaking Into A Home In Florida, Burglars Make Sure

Many Floridians are quite concerned about their home’s security, especially in light of the state’s recent spike in property crimes. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports that there were 267,559 burglaries in 2022—an 8.7% increase over the previous year. Some burglaries are premeditated and carried out by astute criminals who are aware of where to find valuables, while others are sporadic and motivated by opportunity. You might want to reconsider your ingenious hiding place for valuables like jewels, cash, or other valuables. When breaking into a Florida home, criminals look in these seven “secret spots” first.

1. Beneath the Mattress

Despite being the most obvious and ancient hiding place in the book, some people continue to use it because of convenience or a lack of better options. But criminals are aware of this as well, so they’ll go directly to the master bedroom and pull up the mattress to check what’s below. Avoid this area at all costs if you don’t want to lose cherished goods or hard-earned cash.

2. Within the Freezer

Some believe it’s a good idea to conceal valuables in the freezer because it’s unlikely that a thief would raid your supply of frozen food. But, criminals are aware of this as a popular hiding place, so they will search your freezer for any odd packages or containers that might hold money or valuables. Additionally, there’s a chance that moisture or temperature fluctuations will harm your belongings.

3. On drawers in a dresser

Your dresser drawers are another convenient place to hide, especially the ones that hold your socks and underwear. Although it may seem unlikely, thieves will go through your personal belongings. To be sure they don’t miss anything, they might even empty your drawers’ contents onto the ground. Don’t give them an easy time locating your valuables by leaving them visible.

4. Within the Closet

If you think your valuables are out of sight and out of mind, you might have a box, bag, or suitcase in your closet that you use to store them. But, thieves will also search your closet for possible treasure, and they won’t think twice to crack open or open any containers that might contain priceless items. Make sure your closet safe is fastened down and has a solid lock on it if you have one; if not, burglars might take it.

5. Within the Medicine Cabinet

Even though it might sound strange, some people conceal their valuables in their medical cabinets, believing that thieves are mainly drawn to prescription medications and analgesics. But, thieves can also search for money, jewelry, or other easily pawned or sold valuables. Transfer any valuables you may have in your medicine cabinet to a more secure area.

6. In a Vase of Flowers

Although a flower vase could appear to be a harmless and decorative object, it might also draw the attention of thieves searching for concealed valuables. Some people store their valuables in empty flower vases in the mistaken belief that no one will notice. But, thieves might examine your flower vases for indications of fake bottoms or secret compartments, and they might even break them open to see what’s inside. Make sure a flower vase has flowers in it to lessen suspicion if you wish to utilize it as a hiding place.

7. In the Desk Drawers at Work

If you have a lockable file cabinet or desk drawer, your home office may appear to be a secure and private area to conceal your assets. But, since they know you might store valuables like checks, technological devices, or crucial documents at your workplace, robbers might also target it. They might even take your entire laptop or computer with them. They might even use tools or force to unlock your cupboards or drawers. Make sure all of your office’s valuables are password-protected, encrypted, and backed up.

In summary

Burglars are constantly searching for quick and simple ways to locate and take your belongings, and they are aware of the typical concealing places that most people employ. You need to be more strategic and cautious about where you hide your possessions if you want to prevent theft. To prevent or catch any intruders, you might also wish to invest in a motion sensor, surveillance camera, or home security system. Never forget that your house is your fortress, thus you should take every precaution to keep it secure.

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