The Horrifying Tale of This Haunted Cemetery in Arkansas

The Horrifying Tale of This Haunted Cemetery in Arkansas

Explore the Bassett Cemetery in Blytheville, Arkansas, if you’re looking for a haunted place to visit in Arkansas. It’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of a family that was brutally killed there in the 1930s. The terrifying story of this haunting cemetery is told below.

The Sadness of the Bassett Lineage

Once a powerful and wealthy family in Blytheville, the Bassetts ran several companies in addition to a large cotton plantation. The family, which consisted of Joseph Bassett, his wife Lillian, their four children, and their maid, suffered a horrible end on October 9, 1935. A knock on the door during supper at their mansion resulted in Joseph’s tragic encounter with a man brandishing a shotgun. After shooting Lillian and the four kids, the attacker left the maid as the only person who survived. She was able to get away by using the back door and asking a neighbor for assistance.

The Bassett family’s bodies were found with a note that said, “You have been warned,” when the police arrived. “This is just the beginning,” The Phantom autographed. The Phantom’s identity and motivations remained a mystery despite a comprehensive manhunt, and there was no proof linking him to the crime.

A Mysterious Case of Bassett Cemetery

The Bassett Cemetery on their farm served as the Bassett family’s ultimate resting place. The cemetery, which was surrounded by a wrought iron fence and had a stone gate with the family name on it, quickly became the subject of folklore. Among the alleged paranormal activities are:

  • The sounds of gunfire, screaming, and cries for assistance at night.
  • Ghosts of the Bassett family, appearing in dinner clothes and moving about the cemetery or hanging out by their graves.
  • During visits, there may be feelings of cold spots, touching, and strange pushes.
  • Despite there being no records of visitors, fresh flowers, candles, and notes were found on the family’s graves.
    observations of the stone gate or fence bearing the phrase “The Phantom was here.”
  • None of the many attempts to solve the puzzle and disprove the haunting have been successful. Some recount experiences they had with The Phantom, who is said to pursue or threaten those who venture to investigate. The cemetery continues to be a mystery, frightening both locals and tourists.

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In summary

One of the most haunted places in Arkansas, and possibly the country, is Bassett Cemetery. The story is horrifying and heartbreaking at the same time, with unsettling stories of hauntings. Should you muster the bravery, perhaps a visit is in order. Just be aware that you might not like what you find out.

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