There’s An Abandoned Town In New Hampshire That Most People Are Unaware Of

There's An Abandoned Town In New Hampshire That Most People Are Unaware Of

In addition to its picturesque villages, historical sites, and scenic landscapes, New Hampshire is also home to one lesser-known town that has been deserted for more than 50 years.

Tucked up in the White Mountains lay the thriving logging town of Livermore, New Hampshire. When it was founded in 1876, there were more than 200 residents at its height, along with a sawmill, school, post office, hotel, and houses. A railroad that connected the town to the state and made it easier to move people and logs contributed to its prosperity.

There were difficulties for Livermore in the early 1900s. Fires, overharvesting, and rivalry caused the logging business to decrease. The effects of the Great Depression and World War II compounded the town’s loss of vitality after the train closed in 1935. With just eighteen people living there by 1951, the town was formally disbanded by the state assembly.

Livermore’s Current Situation

Livermore is now a deserted town that nature is slowly reclaiming. The only way to get there is by hiking or bicycling along the ancient train track, which is now a 7-mile stretch of the Sawyer River Trail that passes through the old town site and displays artifacts from the past.

In Livermore, discoverable:

  • The largest and most important structure in the town used to be the sawmill foundation.
  • Houses’ cellar holes are identified by their chimneys and stone walls.
  • The cemetery is home to locals’ graves, including those of children who passed away from illnesses and accidents.
  • The town’s name, elevation, and position are displayed on the signpost.
  • Scattered throughout the village are artifacts such as railroad spikes, bottles, cans, and rusted equipment.

Motives to Investigate Livermore

Livermore is a fascinating location for anyone who enjoys mystery, history, and the outdoors even if it is not your standard tourist spot. Discovering Livermore is like taking a trip through time, seeing the rise and fall of a once-thriving community. It also acts as a reminder of how human civilizations may be shaped and destroyed by nature.

Respect the town and its history if you’re thinking of visiting. Keep artifacts undamaged and leave no trace. Keep in mind that the trail is not well-maintained, particularly during the winter, so navigating may require a map, compass, and GPS. Be ready for a range of animal and weather conditions.

For those looking for a unique excursion off the usual road, Livermore is a hidden gem in New Hampshire. Livermore can be the perfect place to go if you’re itching for a novel and thrilling adventure.

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