Haley raises $1.7 million in donations on her journey through the states on Super Tuesday

Haley raises $1.7 million in donations on her journey through the states on Super Tuesday

The Haley campaign initially revealed to Fox News that the Republican presidential contender raised $1.7 million during in-person fundraising events in California on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The former two-term governor of South Carolina, who went on to serve as U.N. ambassador during the administration of former President Donald Trump, made two appearances at campaign events while she was in California. The first was in one of the fifteen states that have Super Tuesday nomination contests in early March.

In an effort to highlight her momentum as she prepares to challenge her former boss for the 2024 GOP nomination, Haley, the last significant rival to Trump in the race for the candidature, has been showing her skyrocketing fundraising in recent weeks.

Haley’s team revealed on Sunday that they raised $16.5 million in funds last month from all of their campaign committees, with $11.7 million coming from modestly contributing grassroots supporters.

Haley’s highest fundraising month since beginning her presidential campaign a year ago was January.

When she started her presidential campaign a year ago, Haley’s funds have kept rising. In 2023, she raised $7.3 million in the second quarter of fundraising from April to June, $11 million in the third quarter from July to September, and more than $24 million in the last three months of the previous year.

Haley emphasised, “I’m in this for the long haul,” during a campaign rally on Wednesday night in Los Angeles at the American Legion Hollywood Post 43.

In an interview with Fox News Digital just minutes prior, Haley stated that “we have been smart” about campaign funding.

Furthermore, she bragged that poor money management prevents you from becoming “the last person standing against Donald Trump.” Yes, we are concentrating on ensuring that we have the necessary resources.”

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