This Hotel In Indiana Is Regarded As One Of The Nation’s Most Haunted Locations

This Hotel In Indiana Is Regarded As One Of The Nation's Most Haunted Locations

Make reservations for a hotel at the French Lick Springs Hotel in Indiana if you’re looking for a frightening getaway. Built in 1845, this ancient building is said to be haunted by several spirits, including that of Thomas Taggart, the former owner.

The French Lick Springs Hotel’s History

Originally intended to function as a health spa, the hotel is located in the quaint resort town of French Lick, Indiana, and attracts guests who come for the area’s mineral springs. Despite the hotel’s 1897 fire demise, Thomas Taggart, a former Indianapolis mayor and US senator, rebuilt and extended it. With the addition of a casino, a golf course, a theater, and a ballroom, Taggart turned the hotel into a popular gathering place for politicians and celebrities. Additionally, the facility served as the venue for the Democratic National Convention in 1931, where Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated for president.

The French Lick Springs Hotel’s Spirits

The hotel is well-known for being one of the most haunted places in Indiana if not the entire nation. Both visitors and employees have claimed seeing ghosts and experiencing otherworldly occurrences there. Thomas Taggart, who died in 1916, is thought to be the most well-known apparition.

Witnesses claim to have smelled Taggart’s pipe tobacco or seen his apparition near the service elevator, where he is rumored to walk the hotel. There are even rumors that he would throw events in the ballroom or ride his horse down the hallway.

An further ethereal presence at the hotel appears to be the former bellhop who never seems to stop working. He’s been seen by witnesses wearing a uniform, carrying bags, and greeting customers at the front desk. Some people first think he’s an actual employee until they realize he’s not working or recognize his picture on the wall.

Three more people have reported seeing spirits at the hotel: a small kid, a man in a red coat, and a woman wearing a blue dress. Ghostly footsteps, chilly areas, disembodied voices, and strange noises are also mentioned in accounts. Some visitors report feeling as though doors or mattresses had started to shake by themselves.

Motives for Investigating the French Lick Springs Hotel

The French Lick Springs Hotel is still a fascinating and historically significant location, despite its reputation as a haunted house. Through renovations, the hotel has been brought back to its former splendor while providing modern conveniences and services. A spa, casino, golf course, swimming pool, and a variety of food options are available to guests.

The hotel offers a variety of events and activities, including ghost hunts, live music performances, and excursions. The French Lick Springs Hotel offers a unique blend of thrill and Indiana history. It is a part of the French Lick Resort, which also includes the West Baden Springs Hotel, another historically famous and haunted landmark.

The French Lick Springs Hotel is a great option for your stay, whether you’re looking for a historical experience or an adrenaline thrill. Who knows? By luck or tragedy, you might even happen to cross paths with a few ghosts. Remember to tip the bellhop as well!

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