Travellers are advised to be cautious as Kentucky women who were raped in the Bahamas

Travellers are advised to be cautious as Kentucky women who were raped in the Bahamas

Two Kentucky women claim that their planned vacation to the Bahamas turned into a nightmare after they were drugged and sexually assaulted. When they reported the attacks, the authorities treated them like felons.

Dongayla Dobson and Amber Shearer are using their narrative to call for justice and alert people to the risks associated with travel. They claim that on Sunday, following their stop on Grand Bahama while on a Carnival cruise, they were attacked.

“I desire everyone’s safety. Two is insufficient. Shearer stated on “CUOMO” on Wednesday, “Dongayla and I thought as best friends… that we could protect each other and to be safe, and it’s just not enough.”

After getting off the cruise liner, the women claimed that staff personnel had drugged their beverages and they took a taxi to a nearby resort.

We sensed something wasn’t right little than a few drinks into the second cocktail. There was a serious problem, Shearer stated.

Following their cocktail consumption, the two went to search for seashells on the beach. However, they claim that a male member of the resort staff approached them and informed them of a suitable location to find shells. Shearer’s memory ends with him waking up in the middle of the attack.

She remarked, “I came to in the process of my rape.”

Dobson continued, “We were just aware enough, or conscious enough, to have, that they were in uniforms.”

The two ladies are upset with the local authorities because they claim they were treated like criminals when they reported the assaults and that they were not given the required sexual assault test kits. According to toxicology testing, some of the drugs found in their systems included benzodiazepines.

Dobson described what he saw as “just traumatizing all over again” when it appeared on his toxicology screen.

According to a press release the Royal Bahamas Police put on Facebook, two men were taken into custody in relation to the attacks. The inquiry is still on.

They add that they have not been successful in obtaining assistance from American authorities to investigate the assaults.

The women are currently receiving medical care in the United States, including roughly $4,000 worth of HIV preventive medication, according to WLEX-TV.

The attack coincides with a travel recommendation for Americans to exercise “extreme caution” in the Bahamas issued by the US State Department because of increased crime.

The women are telling their experience in the hopes that it may help stop such incidents in the future.

Shearer stated, “You should be aware that we were not informed of a travel advisory by our cruise line.” “We were ignorant of the situation in the Bahamas.”

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