Illinois’s Most Dangerous Biker Gangs

Illinois's Most Dangerous Biker Gangs

Some of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle gangs in the world, involved in a wide range of illegal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion, murder, and racketeering, are based in Illinois. There is proof that these groups have previously engaged in violent altercations with other factions, law enforcement, and civilians. A summary of some of Illinois’s most dangerous biker gangs is provided below:

Outlaws MC

Being the oldest outlaw biker club in the world, the Outlaws MC was founded in McCook, Illinois, in 1935. With 275 chapters in 23 countries and more over 3,000 members, it is the third largest organization in the world, only after the Hells Angels and the Bandidos. The Outlaws are classified as a “outlaw motorcycle gang” by the FBI and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada.

Since the 1960s, the Outlaws and the Hells Angels have been engaged in a bitter competition characterized by battles over territory, disagreements over markets, and mistrust. Both sides have suffered a great deal of casualties as a result of these conflicts. The Mongols, the Pagans, and the Sons of Silence are just a few of the biker gangs with which the Outlaws continue to clash.

Notoriety for the Outlaws also stems from their high-profile crimes, including the 1974 bombing of the Montreal Hells Angels clubhouse, the 1994 murder of a Wisconsin police officer, the 2002 Florida death of a rival gang member, and the 2006 Ontario murder of eight Bandidos members.

Mongol Empire

The Mongol Nation is a relatively new biker gang to the Illinois scene, but they have already made a name for themselves as a violent and formidable bunch. With an estimated 1,000 members, the gang was founded in 1969 in Montebello, California, by Hispanic veterans who were turned down by other biker groups. Since then, it has spread to 14 states and numerous other nations.

The Mongol Nation is one of the most criminally active outlaw motorcycle gangs in the United States, according to law enforcement. They are involved in drug trafficking, especially methamphetamine, as well as robberies, assaults, murders, and racketeering. The gang is accused of committing hate crimes against Jews and African Americans.

Violent exchanges like the 2008 Harrah’s Casino gunfight, the 2011 Denver Coliseum stabbing, and the 2002 Laughlin River Run fighting are examples of the intense antagonism between the two groups. In 2022, tensions with the Outlaws reached a breaking point that resulted in a bar shooting on Chicago’s Southwest Side during a turf battle between the two factions.


The Peckerwoods are an all-white outlaw motorcycle club based in Santee, California, that was founded in 1987 and is connected to the white supremacist prison group Aryan Brotherhood. In Illinois, the club goes by the moniker Midwest Peckerwoods and uses similar insignia and philosophy.

The Peckerwood family is well-known for its violent and racist actions, which include drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, burglary, theft, and murder. They also target people of various races, especially African Americans and Hispanics. Rival biker groups, such as the Vagos, the Mongols, and the Hells Angels, have clashed with the club.

Because of the Peckerwoods’ increasing influence and presence in the Midwest, law enforcement sees them as a rising threat. The 2005 murder of a Mongols member in Illinois, the 2009 murder of a Hells Angels member in Arizona, and the 2010 murder of a Vagos member in Nevada are just a few of the high-profile crimes connected to the group.

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In summary

Even though the biker gangs listed above are some of the most violent in Illinois, the state is home to many additional illegal motorcycle groups, including the Sin City Disciples, the Warlocks, the Sons of Silence, and the Iron Horsemen.

These gangs, which frequently clash with law enforcement and engage in violent and illegal acts, constitute a severe threat to public safety and order. Hence, it is imperative to maintain awareness of their existence and actions, steering clear of any interaction or conflict with these organizations.

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