This North Carolina Town Wins The Title Of Being The Most Violent

This North Carolina Town Wins The Title Of Being The Most Violent

Not every town is made equal when it comes to crime rates. While certain locations are infamous for their high rates of violence, others are safer than others. Based on the most recent FBI data, Lumberton, a small city in Robeson County with 20,000 residents, is the most violent municipality in North Carolina.

Why is Lumberton acting so aggressively?

At 1,778 violent crimes per 100,000 people, Lumberton has a rate of violent crime more than four times higher than the 366 national average. With 27 homicides in 2023, or 135 per 100,000 population, the municipality has the highest murder rate in the state. That is about 25 times the average of five for the country. The town also experiences high incidence of violent violence, robbery, and rape.

The violence in Lumberton is caused by a variety of issues, including gang activity, drug misuse, unemployment, poverty, and racial hostility. With a median household income of $28,293, less than half of the state average of $57,341, Lumberton is among the poorest municipalities in the state. Additionally, the town’s 9.7% unemployment rate is higher than the 4.6% state average.

Native Americans make up approximately 38% of the population in Lumberton, with African Americans making up 36% and White people making up 24%. The community has a history of segregation and racial prejudice, which has caused distrust and animosity between various communities.

Because of its location along Interstate 95, a busy route for transferring drugs from Florida to New York, Lumberton is also a center for drug trafficking. Opioid addiction is a major issue in the town, contributing to an increase in crime and violence. In addition, there are a number of gangs in Lumberton that engage in robberies, shootings, and turf conflicts, including the Folk Nation, the Crips, and the Bloods.

What steps are being taken in Lumberton to lessen violence?

The Lumberton police are aware of the town’s criminal problem and are attempting to resolve it in a number of ways. The town has made investments in new machinery and technology, employed more detectives, and expanded its police force. In order to carry out cooperative operations and investigations, the police have also teamed up with federal and state organizations including the FBI, DEA, and SBI. To foster collaboration and trust among the populace, the police have also introduced community policing programs like outreach events, workshops on crime prevention, and neighborhood watch programs.

In order to support its efforts to reduce crime, the town has also obtained grants and financing from a number of organizations, including the Governor’s Crime Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The community has made use of these monies to enhance lighting, security, and monitoring in high-crime areas; to help low-income families with housing and social services; and to establish work possibilities and educational initiatives for young people who pose a risk to themselves.

In an effort to foster harmony and peace amongst diverse groups, the municipality has also partnered with a number of community organizations, including churches, schools, nonprofits, and companies. To commemorate the town’s diversity and culture, the community has planned a number of events and activities, including sports, concerts, parades, and festivals. In order to assist both victims and perpetrators of violence, the town has also funded projects and programs like drug treatment, counseling, mediation, and mentorship.

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In summary

The town of Lumberton has numerous potentials and strengths, but it also faces many difficulties. The town is resilient, with a varied population, and a long history. The community faces a challenge with violence, but cooperation can help find a solution. Though the community still has a long way to go, there is optimism for a better day. The town of Lumberton is deserving of consideration, assistance, and respect.

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