Man in Standoff in Orangeburg County Faces New Charges; Probation To Manslaughter

Man in Standoff in Orangeburg County Faces New Charges; Probation To Manslaughter

Harvey Randall McDaniel, 53, is charged with multiple crimes following a 12-hour standoff with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina over probation to manslaughter. There are charges for seven attempted murders, three violent crime incidents involving weapons, kidnapping, possessing a handgun without authorization, and high-level domestic abuse.

Charges of Attempted Murder Are Against Felon on Probation to Manslaughter

McDaniel missed a bond hearing on probation to manslaughter last Thursday. The attempted kidnapping of McDaniel was reported to the Sheriff’s Office by a cop woman. McDaniel was discovered driving around his property by deputies and police from the South Carolina Highway Patrol. There was a brief automobile pursuit after that.

If the authorities attempted to arrest Felon McDaniel, he vowed to “shoot it out” with them. Then he barricaded himself in his house with numerous firearms. McDaniel opened fire on the police when a SWAT team was encircling the residence; this led to allegations of attempted murder.

No one was seriously injured after twelve hours. Sheriff Leroy Ravenell stated that things might have turned out differently but commended the deputies and support staff for their training.

Manslaughter Offender on Probation Faces Serious Charges

To further complicate matters, McDaniel was under probation for manslaughter. For law enforcement, standoffs and dealing with violent offenders present challenges.

As demonstrated by the response and result of the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement training is essential for high-risk situations. The seriousness of the standoff charges and the potential legal consequences are reflected in McDaniel’s claims.

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